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Dear friends,
     I began this project as a break from years of activism in the political arena.

Clearing my mind, the music was just rock for the sake of rock.  I didn't think much about the messages it would contain.
But as I finished the first seven songs, I realized that my feelings about the world had actually found their way into my lyrics in a very natural way.  The music took on new meaning.  Like music of the 1960's that actually said something.  I decided that  my music might help me reach people and allow me to show them how peace is possible.  At that point, I even wrote a few more songs - no longer bashful about what message they'd contain.  Like "Wage Peace", and "The Power to Abuse".

After I rounded up some great players, and the other important people who helped with particulars, this CD became a reality.

I hope you like good guitar rock.  And I hope you want a better world.  Because this music turned out to be about both.