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Although I composed all the material, played all the guitar and bass, and sang everything, there were three
 good drummers, one artist, and an audio engineer who really helped
 to make this CD what it is.

Here's a little about each of them:

The Drummers

Will Bagby
This long time friend really rocked.  Will Bagby has always been the most unique rock drummer I have ever heard.  Can you say "excitement"?  Will plays on 6 of the ten tracks, including "It Just Ain't Right", "Wage Peace", and "The March".

Todd Bouchard
Another music friend, Todd's beat is unbeatable.  Pound those skins!  The song drives you to the last note.   Perfectly suited to a song called "The Power to Abuse".

Joel Maitoza
Wow!  What a rocker!  Joel really brought my songs alive.  He's a machine on "My Share of the Blame", tasteful on "What Do You Have in the End?", and just plain rocks on "Who You Want to Be".

Other Important People

Paul Harris
When it came to the audio engineering, a person was needed who could be trusted to give the CD the powerful sound it deserved.  Paul was the right man for the job.  He's a patient perfectionist in the audio production realm.

Klint Monroe
What can you say about a guy who can create the art this CD has?  It's pure eye candy.  Just wait until you have your very own copy of the CD in your hands!  The art blows everyone away.