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"You can't separate peace from freedom, because no one can be at peace unless he has his freedom."

Malcolm X

You Can't Separate Peace from Freedom
by Dan Litwin

What happened to our health care?

We work hard. We play by the rules. 

We deserve access to good health care. 

So what happened? We had great health care, and we've lost it.

Health care was once completely affordable in the United States. And there was hardly any politics about it.

Doctors made house calls. Insurance was $10 per month.

 But then, the lawmakers came to our rescue.

New regulations made the insurance companies pay for things that not everyone wanted. They said it was for our benefit.

In many states, insurance must cover pregnancy...
  even if you can't have a baby. You pay. No choice.

Maybe you want a health policy that doesn't cover alcoholism or mental illness. But in many states, your wish is just too bad. You pay for everything they say you'll pay for, or you get nothing.

Several decades down that road, and we now have 
less and less insurance options for more and more money. 

But there's so much more.

The FDA has rejected generics and imports that could cost you much less. In one such case, the drug Enbrel has no competition at all. And due to these FDA favors, it's $1500 per month.

A century of regulation has killed our competitive market.

And do they ever talk of repeal of those restrictions? Never.

It goes on and on. They now see fit to drive our choices into oblivion, just like public schools made private schools scarce.

Soon, only the rich will be able to afford private health care.
And neither the rich nor Congress will be using the public option.

So how has it worked out? Is forcing people the best way?

No. Politics works for the powerful, not for us. In the end...

We lost our freedom to choose the kind of medicine we need.
And with that loss went our peace of mind and our prosperity.

We argue over the best "one" system, when there isn't one.

Lose freedom. Lose peace.

But there's hope...

Getting our choices back would return our peaceful prosperity.

Lasik prices are falling due to competition.
All medicine could again work for us this natural way.

Choice over political promises.

Freedom is not slavery, despite the politicians' claims.


We lost a lot of freedoms after 9/11. But whose fault was it?

What if the airlines, on September 11th, 2001, had simply been allowed to have armed guards on their planes?

This may come as a surprise to you, but our politicians would not allow, and still will not allow airlines to offer you choices for armed security in-flight.  Airline security is and has long been dictated by the FAA (a federal government agency).  

And the bottom line is:

The Federal Government won't let the airlines
offer you any choice of real security plans.

It's such a farce.  Even liquor stores have armed security.  Surely, multi-million dollar planes would be protected by guards...

If only it was legal

So again: what if the airlines, on September 11th, 2001, had simply been allowed the freedom to have armed guards on their planes?

Would box cutters have been any real threat? 

Americans have lost the freedom of self-defense...

...and with it, our once-peaceful lives.

"You can't separate peace from freedom."

Lose freedom.  Lose peace.

Fortunately, it works both ways:

If we had allowed airlines to have armed security, September 11th probably never would have occurred (imagine box cutters against armed security...).

Allow the freedom of self-defense.

Increase our chances to live in peace.

Peace depends on freedom.

"You can't separate peace from freedom."

Gain freedom.  Gain peace.

Another story of lost freedoms in America:

In the 1920's, Americans lost the freedom to drink hard liquor.  This resulted in a huge bonus to gangs who made and sold bootleg alcohol and turned the streets of Chicago into war zones to protect their turf.

Americans lost the freedom to drink.

Americans lost the peace.

"You can't separate peace from freedom."

Today's version of the war on alcohol is a war on drugs.  Today's gangs are international terrorists, cartels, and rogue governments who make billions selling drugs on the black market.  That's how they finance some of their terrorist attacks.

Politicians go beyond crime, outlawing certain less popular freedoms ("sins").

And so, America endures black-market-financed
 gang warfare, terrorism, and much more.

Nothing changes reality:

Outlawing peaceful freedoms disturbs the peace.

But there is great news, because again, it works both ways:  If we end the war on drugs, we will seriously undercut the financing of international terrorists and gangs.  In 1933, we re-legalized alcohol and crippled American gangsters.  In this new century, we must end the war on drugs and cripple all manner of terrorists.

Free the people.

Live in greater peace.

Moderation for Peace & Freedom

The purpose of a reasonable, moderate government is simply to keep you free, so you can enjoy the peace.

All we really need are traditional laws.  For instance, to  prosecute real criminals, such as murderers, robbers, rapists, trespassers and con-men.  That's keeping you free to enjoy the peace.

But today's lawmakers are neither reasonable nor moderate:

Today's anti-freedom gun controllers disarm planes.

Today's anti-freedom drug warriors finance terror.



Some of us are in the middle:

We don't promote drug use, but we also don't support the opposite extreme of prohibition, which finances terrorists.  

And while we don't want to force everyone to own guns, we also don't support the opposite extreme of laws against self-defense.

Moderation in a world of extremism.

Some call it Libertarian.

Some call it Conservative.

Some call it Liberal.

But however you label it, politics is not peaceful. But Peace works.

Restore peaceful freedoms.  Restore peace.

"You can't separate peace from freedom."

Thankfully, we don't have to.

Let's build a responsible future, not of anarchy, but of small government and greater freedom, and let's watch as peace inevitably returns to America.  Because only then - by our example, and not by force - will the American ideals of peace and freedom have a chance to sweep the globe.

Peace & Freedom.

We can win them, but only if we
Come Together against the machine.


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