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Don't listen to anyone that tells you we must have war or higher taxes in order to have peace.  Such power brokers have no plan for peace, and their policies make only hate.

While not specifically advertising themselves as "The Peace Party", the Libertarians have the only possible platform for peace:

The Libertarian Party platform is about respect for others and their property.  That's a recipe for peace and a clean environment.

Libertarian positions protect everyone from everyone else.  For instance, Christians and gays can generally live without being affected by one another - if one is not forced to subsidize the other.  The more each of us can live in our own way, the more we can have peace, freedom and prosperity.  That's America's promise.

Libertarian foreign policy is centered:  They won't build empires, but they will defend.  Not aggressive.  Not pacifistic.  That's peace in the making.

Want Peace?

Please visit the Libertarian Party, the Peace Party!